Based on the individual needs of the customer an appropriate handling solution is identified. Our experience in ergonomic handling and lifting spans many industries and applications. Contact one of our offices or sales partners to find the best solution for you.

A few examples:

Roll Handling

PRONOMIC – Lift&Drive 225P – Roll Handling

A PRONOMIC Squeeze&Turn on a Lift&Drive mobile lifter is a very flexible solution for roll handling. This application is very common and suitable for a wide variety of industries, from food and pharmaceutical packaging environments to production and technology settings in general industry.

Panel and Glass Handling

Movomech – Mechlift – Panel and Glass Handling

The high performance range of electric and pneumatic lifters from Movomech gives the user multiple alternatives for each specific application. A common solution is the Movomech application for panel and glass handling, in this case featuring the Movomech Mechlift.

Vehicle Lift

BD Lift – Vehicle Lift CLX-25/310-2C

The scissor lifts and goods lifts from Sunnex Lifting Technology are customized to meet the needs of the customer. The Vehicle Lift from group company BD Lift is normally custom built to fit each application and facility dimension. This particular CLX-25/310-2C is installed in the Netherlands at an Auto Gallery allowing the user to transfer vehicles between floors to cycle the display of automobiles in the gallery.