Overhead Rails, Cranes and Lifters

The overhead rails and lifter systems from group company Movomech AB are recognized world wide for their versatility and high quality. For 30 years, Movomech has supplied the automotive industry with ergonomic handling systems designed to increase productivity in production while reducing work related injuries among operators. The high standards of the world leading auto manufacturers have pushed Movomech to design and produce high quality lifting equipment with advanced capabilities and control functions.

The Movomech products are used today in a broad range of industrial applications and represent one of 3 main product lines within Sunnex Lifting Technology group. The overhead lifting systems provide an excellent complement to the floor based mobile equipment offered by Sunnex Lifting Technology. Certain applications and work environments may not be suited for floor based lifters and in such case, a Movomech ceiling mounted system will be supplied with similar capabilities and user benefits.

For additional information on the Movomech product lines please visit the website at Movomech.